2008 4th APMF conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mediation in the Asia Pacific: Constraints and Challenges

International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 16–18 June 2008

The 4th Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 16–18 June 2008. The conference theme was ‘Mediation in the Asia-Pacific: Constraints and Challenges’, expressing the idea that mediation takes place in diverse ways throughout the different social and legal systems in the Asia-Pacific region. The forum was preceded by five days of pre-conference training and two days of pre-conference workshops, with basic and advanced mediation training.

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A report of the conference by Fiona Hollier (PDF 230 kb), Chief Executive Officer of LEADR, published in LEADR’s Update, July 2008.

Conference papers

Abdul Hamid Mohamad, Officating Speech (PDF 66 kb), 4th Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2008.

Keynote address 1: ‘The future of mediation in Malaysia’ Y.B. Senator Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia

Keynote Address 2: ‘Mediation, culture and transformative peacemaking: constraints and challenges’ (PDF 184 kb) Assoc Prof Dale Bagshaw, President of the Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum

Keynote Address 3: ‘The core belief of mediators’ (PDF 120 kb) Mr Jan Jung-min Sunoo, ILO Chief Technical Advisor, Vietnam

Keynote Address 4: ‘The mediation meta-model: understanding practice around the world’ (PDF 288 kb) Prof Nadja Alexander, Professor of Dispute Resolution, University of Queensland, Australia

‘The Tragedy of Contradictions: ODR and the Developing Economics (with Special Emphasis on India and China)’, Vipin Tyagi, Aishwarya Singh & Vinay Tyagi

‘Achieving Justice in Mediation: A Cross-Cultural Perspective’, Alan Campbell & Aaron Chong (PDF 202 kb)

‘Mediation in South Africa’s New Children’s Act: A Pyrrhic Victory’, Mohamed Paleker (PDF 402 kb)

‘Domain Names Dispute Resolution Policy (DRP) as a Model for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)’, Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol (PDF 134 kb)

‘Teaching Mediation: Judicial Standards for Curriculum and Instructor Requirements’, Michael Belsky (PDF 112 kb)

‘Mediation under Islamic Law: Selected Issues’, Abdul Rahman Awang

‘Telephone Mediation: A Fresh Look at a Familiar Service’, Jessica Carter (PDF 134 kb)

‘Mediating Severe Multicultural and Religious Conflicts in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand’, Bruce Barnes (PDF 252 kb)

‘The Family: the Cradle of Mediation’, James G Salerno (PDF 126 kb)

‘The Concept of Mediation in A Conflictual Family: Nigeria Customary Law and Sha’riah System as A Case Study’, Yusuff Jelili Amuda (PDF 170 kb)

‘The Role of Mediation in the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes’, Mohammad Naquib Ishan Jan (PDF 172 kb)

‘I Love You, I Hate U: Emotions, Relationships and The Mediation Process’, Alan Campbell (PDF 217 kb)

‘Shari’ah-based Mediation as the Preferred Alternative For Commercial Dispute Resolution Among South East Asian Muslims’, Andrew White

‘Mediation: The Alternative of Land Dispute Resolution in Indonesia’, Listyowati Sumanto (PDF 241 kb)

‘Should Compulsory Mediation be introduced in Malaysia?’, Nora Abdul Hak

‘Foundation of Mediation in Islamic Law and its Contemporary Application’, Said Bouheraoua (PDF 150 kb)

‘Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in Environmental and Land Use Regime in Malaysia: A Timely Paradigm Shift’, Ainul Jaria Maidin

‘The Approach of Public Policy in Conflict Resolution: An Indonesian Experience to Solve Conflicts in Maluku, Poso and West Kalimantan’, Trubus Rahardiansah (PDF 229 kb)

‘Mediation in terms of Slovak Republic as Part of the Central Europe and her Legal System’, František Kutlík (PDF 119 kb)

‘Amicable Resolution of Civil Litigation in Malaysia’, Abu Haniffa Mohamed Abdullah (PDF 160 kb)

‘Child-Inclusive Mediation in Parenting Disputes where Domestic Violence is an Issue’, Amanda Shea Hart (PDF 182 kb)

‘Lessons Learned in Developing A Conflict Management Model for Implementing Local Administrative Organization Policy’, Chanya Apipalakul (PDF 273 kb)

‘Contextual Limitations: A Theoretical Analysis of Norwegian Mediation in Sri Lankan Conflict’, Dehiwala Liyana Aratchchige Hasantha Shammika & Parana Palliya Guruge Indika Krishangani (PDF 323 kb)

‘Mediation in Resolving Marital Conflicts: An Appraisal of Classical Fiqh and its Contemporary Application’, Sayed Sikandar Shah Haneef & Mek Wok Mahmud (PDF 239 kb)

‘Panchayat: Its Origin and Practice as an Alternative Model of Disputes Management’, Suresh Prasad

‘Ethical Considerations in Mediation’, Michele S. Riley (PDF 193 kb) Appendix: Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators (PDF 65 kb)

‘Family Violence and Mediation: Does Culture Make a Difference?’, Dale Bagshaw (PDF 217 kb)

‘Franchising Dispute Resolution: What’s Next After Mediation?’, Zahira Binti Mohd Ishan (PDF 185 kb)

‘Kuala Lumpur ADR: A Comparative Perspective’, U. Martin Laeuchli

‘Walking on a Tight Rope Upon Migration: Cross-Cultural Mediation and Family Violence’, Jennifer Janif & Koos Ali (PDF 206 kb)

‘Mediation: As One of the Alternatives of Insurance Dispute Resolution in Indonesia’, Siti Nurbaiti (PDF 172 kb)

‘Mediation in Thailand: Keys To Succeed’, Supanat Permpoonwiwat & Chalat Pratheuangrattana (PDF 193 kb)

‘Conflict Coaching: An Emerging Trend in the ADR World’, Cinnie Noble & Julie Walker (PDF 212 kb)

‘The Dilemma of Conflict of Jurisdiction in Islamic Banking and Finance’, Khairil Azmin Mukhtar

‘Inter-Korean Relations: Is There a Role for Mediation?’, Damien P. Horigan

‘What’s Law Got to Do with It? How the World is Regulating Mediation’, Nadja Alexander (PDF 286 kb)

‘Settlement of Islamic Banking Disputes in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges’, Abdul Rasyid (PDF 142 kb)

‘The Art of Mediating Regional Conflict in Asia: A study of China’s Mediation in the Nuclear Crisis on the Korean Peninsula’, Jason Qian & Anne Wu (PDF 168 kb)

‘Mediating Medical Negligence Claims in Malaysia: An Option for Reform?’, Puteri Nemie Jahn Kassim (PDF 217 kb)

‘Five Municipal Case Studies on the Philippine Barangay (Village) Mediation System’, Rachel S. Aquino (PDF 273 kb)

‘Explaining How Process Matters: Integrating Dispute Resolution Into International Law to Improve Compliance’, Anna Spain (PDF 454 kb)

‘Sulh in Islamic Criminal Law: Its Application in Muslim Countries’, Nasimah Hussin & Ramizah Wan Muhammad (PDF 229 kb)

‘Potential Roles of Mediation within the Court Systems: Let Tears Mediate’, Miriam Sarué Tawil & Carla Lio Faccin (PDF 99 kb)

‘The Concepts of “Hakam” and “Tahkim” in Islamic Law and Their Application in Settling International Relations Disputes in An Islamic State’, Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi

‘Mediation in Criminal Cases’, Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin (PDF 198 kb)

‘Mediation Meets Litigation in the Family Court of Australia: The Less Adversarial Trial’, Iyla Davies & Melinda Shirley

‘Qualities of a Mediator in Family Disputes: The Shariah Perspective’, Nora Abdul Hak

‘Alternative Dispute Resolution as a tool for social change: A discussion of issues and evidence’, Tracey Raymond (PDF 220 kb)

‘Impediments to making Mediation and or ADR a Primary Form of Dispute Resolution’, Mr. Justice Kandakasi

‘Peculiarities & Religious Underlining of ADR in Islamic Law’, Syed Khalid Rashid (PDF 166 kb)

‘An Overview of Procedural Aspects of International Trade Dispute Settlement under the WTO System’, Naeem Ullah Khan (PDF 146 kb)

‘A Mediation service grows outwards to provide increased professional development, evaluation and support for mediators’, Jessica Carter (PDF 141 kb)

‘Development of Mediation in Singapore’, Carol Liew (PDF 1.47 MB)

‘Solving International Boundary Disputes: Challenges and Alternatives’, Fatima Motunrayo Lawal & Sherif Abdul Raheem

‘Meeting Conflict Resolution Needs of Organisations Through Mediation Training’, Iyla Davies, Iola Ternel Wong & Jackie Mapulanga-Hulston (PDF 197 kb)

‘Mediation: a viable mechanism in Africa’s political crisis: A case study of Kenya’s Post-Election Crisis 2008’, Khaled Mohammed Aman (PDF 190 kb)

‘Mediation in Intergovernmental Negotiation: Experiences from Europe’, Thomas R. Henschel (PDF 321 kb)

‘Constraints Hampering the Implementation of Indonesian Court-Annexed Mediation and Some Proposed Solutions’, Fatahillah Abdul Syukur (PDF 168 kb)

‘A Troubled Mediation Dance in Africa: Radical Reforms of Electoral Procedure’, Bernadette Connole