9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) Conference November 2019 “PEACE IN ASIA: Stepping Up the Role of Conflict Resolution”

Presentations at the 9th APMF Conference, Jeju Island, Korea.

The program for the conference which details the presenters and their topics: Final Schedule of Presentation 2019

Abstracts of Presenters (in English and Korean) Abstracts of English & Korean Presenters

Abstracts of Keynote Speakers (in English and Korean) Abstracts of Keynote Speakers

Plenary and Agenda Speakers

The conference papers and power points written in English are listed below in alphabetical order (using the presenters first names)

(The papers put in the Plenary and Agenda Speakers above are excluded here)

The conference papers that are written in the Korean language are available at this site:   Papers in Korean

Presentations at the 9th APMF Conference photos on Google Photos links: