9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) Conference

9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) Conference November 1 – 2, 2019

“PEACE IN ASIA: Stepping Up the Role of Conflict Resolution”
International Convention Center, Jeju Island, Korea
“Island of World Peace” – a UNESCO Heritage Site

Conference Convener, Korea Association of Mediators (KAM).
Korean Conference website (English version):
Deadline for the online submission of abstracts: May 1, 2019
Notification of acceptance: prior to June 1, 2019
Early-bird registration: up until August 1, 2019.



The 9th Conference of APMF is being convened on beautiful Jeju Island, Korea an hour’s flight from Seoul. Jeju Island was designated the “Island of World Peace” by the Korean Government in 2005. Beautiful and dramatic, Jeju Island is renowned as an UNESCO designated heritage site for its beauty and for its iconic free-diving grannies. Jeju is also recognized for providing a unique venue for important international conferences and political summits. For many years, the annual Jeju International Forum for Peace and Prosperity has been convened in Jeju with over 2000 international participants meeting over a wide range of topics dealing with global peace.

It is significant that the APMF is convening this international conference in Korea as it has been in the international headlines for its activity in the areas of people’s democracy and international peace dialogue this past year. The first meeting between North and South Korea in 20 years, set the stage for the first ever meeting between the heads of state of the U.S. and North Korea, 65 years after the end of the Korean War.

Our objectives for the 9thAPMFconference are to:

  • Analyze the recent political developments in Korea from a mediator’s perspective
  • Facilitate international networking between Mediators from a range of fields of practice including: Family, Commercial, School, Environmental, Community, Court-Annexed, On-line Dispute Resolution, Labor, Government, Multi-party Facilitation, Inter-cultural, Tribal, Military.
  • Provide opportunities for mediation experts in the Asia Pacific region to share their knowledge, experiences and approaches to a variety of conflicts and disputes
  • Explore effective ways to broaden the acceptance of mediation and other forms of conflict resolution as a First Response to conflict in all our areas and communities
  • Examine how to apply a range of conflict resolution techniques to both broader and local Korean conflicts such as the Jeju 2nd Airport Dispute, Justice and Reconciliation for Comfort Women from WWII and Constructive Dialogue between peace and political groups
  • Promote outstanding peacemaking initiatives through the awarding of the APMF Peace Prize
  • Broaden APMF networking to other Asian regions


The APMF Executive and Korea Conference Organising Committee invites potential conference participants to submit an abstract of a proposed conference paper, workshop or poster.

  • Conference proposals should be well written, relevant and engage the audience.
  • Abstracts should describe the title and content of the presentation.
  • Authors may describe their contribution to research, their practice experience, highlight ethical issues or concerns, or discuss issues and/or provide information on a topic of relevance to the dispute resolution field.
  • All presenters will be required to register and pay for the conference.

Deadline for the online submission of abstracts: May 1, 2019
Notification of acceptance: prior to June 1, 2019
Early-bird registration: up until August 1, 2019.