9th APMF conference in Korea Papers

9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) Conference November 1 – 2, 2019

The 9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Conference held on Jeju island, Korea on November 1-3, 2019 was extremely successful.  The conference site was magnificent and over 150 mediators from 16 countries and 53 presenters from diverse cultures shared lessons and approaches to conflict, restorative justice and mediation. Professor Chang-Hee Won (the Conference Convener), Jan and Brenda Sunoo and the Korean Association of Mediators (KAM) were very welcoming and organized many cultural activities for the participants and their partners. The conference dinner, fashion parade, Korean singer and the tour of Jeju Island all added to the success of the conference and enhanced the relationships between the participants.

With encouragement and support from Jan Sunoo, the remarkable Branksome Hall Asia High School volunteer students not only translated 53 speakers’ abstracts from Korean into English and vice versa, but also did excellent simultaneous translations for 18 workshops over the 2 days – thus making  ALL workshops accessible to both our Korean and English speaking participants. A remarkable feat for high school girls!

Papers and photos from the conference are now available on
APMF –  http://www.asiapacificmediationforum.org/conferences/9th-asia-pacific…flict-resolution/

The conference papers that are written in the Korean language are available at this site: http://mediator.or.kr/web/apmf_board_list?type=papers

On behalf of the APMF Executive Committee I would like to thank everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you again at future APMF conferences.

Dale Bagshaw

President, Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (www.asiapacificmediationforum.org)

9th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum, Nov. 1-3, 2019

JEJU “Island of Peace”, South Korea