2001 1st APMF conference, Adelaide, Australia

The first Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum Conference was held 29 November to 1 December 2001, at the City West Campus of the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia.

The full text of some papers is available here. Click on the author’s name to see the abstract and biography.


Kay Schaffer, ‘Telling, witnessing and responsibility: reconstituting the body politic’

Jose Ramos-Horta, ‘Bridging religious and other cultural divides’

Jan Jung-Ming Sunoo, ‘Cross-cultural mediation’

Graeme Neate, ‘Reconciliation on the ground: meeting the challenges of native title reconciliation’


Wiwiek Awiati, ‘The use of mediation techniques for environmental conflicts in Indonesia’

Ayan Bhattacharya, ‘Conflict resolution: building bridges beyond cultural boundaries’

Antonius Herkutanto, with Tom Fisher and Di Bretherton, ‘Bodies and bullets: stretching the limits of ADR in Indonesia’

Mereana Hond, ‘Mediation as a mechanism for Maori grievance resolution: by name alone?’

Yuval Kalish, ‘Mediating history: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict’

Ambeng Kandakashi, ‘Conflict resolution practices in the Asia-Pacific region’

Ambeng Kandakashi, with Regina Sagu, ‘ADR and AusAIDs’ Papua New Guinea legal capacity building project’

Siew Fang Law, ‘Chinese Culture and Mediation Techniques’

Yung Le, ‘Conflict resolution in the context of globalisation: preserving the intangible heritage of Vietnam’

Ian Macduff and Mereana Hond, ‘Settling treaty claims in New Zealand: are we resolving or creating disputes?’

Catherine Morris, ‘From Diatribe to Dialogue: Transforming Public Disputes: Case Studies from Cambodia’

Jacob Rumbiak, with Harry Wainggai, ‘West Papua: 40-year struggle for justice and self-determination’ (PDF 27 kb)

Reynaldo L Suarez, ‘Mediation in the Philippine Islands’

David Syme, ‘Challenges for mediation practice in Australia: Standards for ADR: the balancing act’ (PDF 44 kb)

Hughie Tan Yeak Hui, ‘ADR in the Malaysian courts’ (PDF 16 kb)

Chuan-Cheng Wu, ‘Issues of Taiwanese industrial disputes: the solution of the Kee-Long Transportation dispute case’ (PDF 51 kb)

Lim Lan Yuan, ‘Development of a mediation culture in an oriental country: a case study of Singapore’


Di Bretherton, ‘Conflict, language and culture’

Joanna Kalowski, ‘Mediating across cultures: reorienting values and attitudes’

Franca Petrone, ‘Developing a culturally sensitive mediation process’ [facilitated dialogue]

Cathy Picone, ‘Recovering from Whiteness: for whites working to end racism’ [workshop]


Cheryl Abram, ‘ADR in a Care and Protection Context: The NSW DoCS Model’ (rtf 1.12 MB)

Dale Bagshaw, ‘Culture and Disclosure of Domestic Violence in Family Law Disputes‘ (rtf 169 kb)

Michael Belsky, ‘Mediating post-adoption communication agreements’ [facilitated dialogue]

Alan Campbell, ‘Involving children in decisions that affect them when their parents divorce’

Stephanie Charlesworth, ‘Mediation: what have we learned so far?’ [roundtable discussion] (PDF 79 kb)

Tom Fisher, ‘Judging mediation: judicial settlement conferences in divorce-related disputes’

Donnie Martin, ‘Child and family participants in child protection decision-making conferences’

Rhonda Stein, ‘ADR in a care and protection context’


Diat Alferink, ‘Young people, reconciliation, our future’

Christine Charles, Brian Dixon, Sonia Waters and Craig Greene, ‘Reconciliation: the Department of Human Services’ journey’

Margaret Clark and Di Bretherton, ‘Partnerships for peace’

Kel Dummett, ‘Creating a flexible regional foreign policy for Australia: learning from the lessons of East Timor’ [workshop report] (PDF 31 kb)

Lillian Holt, ‘The role of humour in conflict resolution’

Craig Jones, ‘Tea without sugar: the mediation of agreements between pastoralists and Aboriginal peoples in a native title environment’ (PDF 51 kb)

Graham Neate, ‘Reconciliation on the ground: meeting the challenges of native title reconciliation’

Polly Walker, ‘Mending the web: conflict transformation between Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians’

Practice skills

Debbie Dunn, ‘”Narrative mediation”: a story worth listening to?’ [workshop]

Michael Lang, ‘Developing Excellence in Practice’ [keynote workshop]

Deborah Lange and Catherine McMahon, ‘Facilitating systems thinking’

Practice theory

Rosemary Lyster, ‘Managing conflict: the Water Management Act 2000 (NSW)’

Pat Marshall, ‘Designing a dispute resolution system: the constraints for educational institutions’ (PDF 37 kb)

David Moore, ‘Community conferencing as transformative problem solving: dealing with the past, the present and the future’ (PDF 51 kb)

Rick Sarre, ‘Alternative dispute resolution and non-adversarial options: why are they still not mainstream and can they ever become mainstream?’ (PDF 53 kb)
Rick’s PowerPoint presentation (89 kb)

Thomas Trenczek, ‘Victim–offender mediation (in Germany): ADR under the shadow of the criminal law?’ (rtf 101 kb)

Katharine Vadura, Giancarlo Chiro and Peter Gale, ‘Bridging the gap: human security, the individual and the state’

Basil Varghese, ‘Mediating the minefield of conflict and violence’

Mark Wayland, ‘Non-violence and conflict resolution in Australia’

Practice values

Jackie Bornstein, ‘The qualities of peacemakers’

Joy De Leo, ‘Dialogue between cultures based on universal values: UNESCO’ (PDF 59 kb)

Robert Iseman, ‘Values and restorative justice: the South African example’

Pat McIntyre, ‘Choice meets for vegetarians: a peace praxis?’ [conversation]

Rhian Willliams, ‘Mediation: the good, the bad and those without standards’


Rose Boucaut, ‘Workplace bullying: policy development, implementation and barriers to reporting’

Andrew Colsky, ‘Transformative mediation: its effects on workplace culture’

Kathleen Giles, ‘Dealing with different work styles: moving from aggravation to appreciation’

Ken Rigby and Fiona Underwood, ‘Bullying in schools and the workplace: international perspectives on the nature, prevalence and consequences of bullying’

Sandy Policansky, ‘Workplace conflict resolution: issues and dilemmas for practitioners’ (PDF 53 kb)

Joanne Staugas, ‘Commercial mediation’

Juan Tausk, ‘Business mediation in family enterprises’


Tim Clarke, ‘Meaning and understanding in a multicultural world’

Shirli Kirschner, ‘Designing conflict management systems’

Mereana Hond, ‘Settling Treaty Claims in New Zealand: are we resolving or creating disputes?’

Hugh F Landerkin and Andrew Pirie, ‘Judicial dispute resolution 2001: a Canadian perspective’ (rtf 121 kb)

Jan and Brenda Sunoo, ‘Coping with grief at the workplace’

Michael Willis, ‘Learning from each other’s mediation successes’ (PDF 41 kb)

Julia Wolfson, ‘Talking paper: getting people talking together – a visual dialogue resource’

Poster sessions

David Baker, ‘Collaboration and networking across the Asia-Pacific region: is there a role for an Asia-Pacific dispute resolution website?’

Shona Erskine, ‘Conflict resolution in cross-cultural settings’

Tania Miletic and Di Bretherton, ‘Memory and the construction of conflict in young people from Croatian and Serbian origins’

Judith Morrison, ‘Comparing conflict theories for scoping problems and means for their resolution’ (PDF 95 kb)

Jaime Tan, with Di Bretherton and Gregor Kennedy, ‘Negotiation online: does the medium make a difference?’

Rhian Williams and Val Lang, ‘Dialogues in rural Australia: demanding processes that harness diversity’