2003 2nd APMF conference, Singapore

Developing a Mediation Culture

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum took place in Singapore, 19–22 November 2003. The conference was hosted by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers and the Community Mediation Unit, Ministry of Law.

The theme of the forum was ‘Developing a Mediation Culture’. The theme was timely, as modern mediation had been introduced to Asia only recently. The forum featured some 25 papers from the four plenary sessions and eight workshops. It provided an invaluable sharing of experiences and the opportunity to network and discuss the latest developments in mediation.

Steering committee for the 2003 conference

Conference papers

Most of the conference papers are available here (as well as on the published CD) in PDF.

1. The Fourth Generation of Online ADR (PDF 102 kb)
Melissa Conley Tyler, Di Bretherton and Daryl Tishler, International Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia

2. Challenging Discourses of Violence and Promoting Discourses of Peace: A Role for Mediators in Our Conflicted World (PDF 60 kb)
Dale Bagshaw, Social Work & Social Policy, University of South Australia, Australia

3. Commercial Mediation in the Asian Context: The Singapore Perspective
Teh Hwee Hwee, Singapore Mediation Centre, Singapore

4. Children as Social Actors in the Mediation of Decisions that Directly Affect in Family Law (PDF 50 kb)
Alan Campbell, School of Social Work and Social Policy University of South Australia, Australia

5. Community Mediation in Singapore (PDF 46 kb)
Gloria Lim, Community Mediation Centre, Singapore

6. Islam and the West: Roots of Conflict and Future Way (PDF 125 kb)
A. R. M. Imtiyaz, Department of History, Nanjing University, China

7. Towards A Common Practice: Investigating Australian Indigenous Dispute Management Needs in Land Issues (PDF 32 kb)
Toni Bauman and Rhian Williams, Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Straits Islander Studies, Australia

8. Rural Centers for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Peace Making for Resolving Conflicts in the Pacific Rim: The Cases of Arizona and Indonesia (PDF 94 kb)
Eric Thor, Arizona State University, USA Hartrisari H Hardjomidjojo, IPB, Bogor, Indonesia

9. Community Disputes Management: The Role of the Police and Our Collaborative Approach in Partnership with Community Mediation Centres
Roland Lim, Police Force, Singapore

10. Towards a New Definition of Mediation (PDF 57 kb)
Rhian Williams, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

11. Against All Odds: The Mediation of Native Title Agreements in Australia (PDF 290 kb)
Graeme Neate, Craig Jones and Geoff Clark, National Title Tribunal, Australia

12. Mediation Styles and Approaches in Asian Culture (PDF 66 kb)
Lim Lan Yuan, National University of Singapore

13. The Culture Vacuum in Online Dispute Resolution (PDF 116 kb)
Sharanya Rao, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

14. IDRO: Mediation & Resolution of Insurance Disputes (PDF 19 kb)
Ng Wee Jin, Insurance Disputes Resolution Organisation, Singapore

15. New Ways of Doing Business: Moving from a Culture of Dispute to a Culture of Negotiation (PDF 44 kb)
Parry Agius, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, Native Title Unit, Adelaide, Australia

16. SISV Mediation Centre’s Experience in Resolving Construction and Real Estate Disputes
Chin Cheong, Building Appraisal Pte Ltd, Singapore

17. Best Practices for Teaching Mediation Panel Discussion (PDF 112 kb)
Michael Belsky, Southern Oregon University Dale Bagshaw, University of South Australia Lim Lan Yuan, National University of Singapore

18. Taking Commercial Mediation to New Heights: Mediating Franchise Disputes (PDF 65 kb)
David Newton and Nathalie Birt, The Accord Group, Australia

19. CASE’s Experience in Consumer Mediation
Seah Seng Choon, Consumers Association of Singapore, Singapore

20. A Positive Recommendation to Improve R.O.C’s Labour: Management Disputes Dealing Procedure (PDF 102 kb)
Deng Shuai-Liang, Taiwan

21. Global Society and Economics: Intercultural and Online Mediation as the Adequate Means of Resolving Conflicts
Rolf Herzog, EMB GmbH, Germany

22. Establishing An Enterprise Crisis Management Model (ECMM) (PDF 159 kb)
John Chuan-Cheng Wu, I-Shou University, Taiwan Tzai-Zang Lee, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan Tung-Yih Tsai, Chang-Jung Christian University, Taiwan

23. Forgiving in Mediation: What Role? (PDF 151 kb)
J Wescoat Sandlin, Mediation & Conflict Management Services, Australia

24. Joint SISV-CMC Mediation Scheme: Experiment in Co-Mediation (PDF 45 kb)
Lim Lan Yuan, Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers, Mediation Centre, Gloria Lim, Community Mediation Centre, Singapore

CD of conference papers

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