2006 3rd APMF conference, Suva, Fiji

‘Mediating Cultures in the Pacific and Asia’

The third Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum Conference was held on 26–30 June 2006. This international conference was convened by the University of the South Pacific (USP) and was held at the USP campus in Suva, Fiji. The conference theme, ‘Mediating Cultures in the Pacific and Asia’, expressed the idea that mediation takes place in diverse ways throughout the different social and legal systems in the Asia-Pacific region. The forum included two days of pre-conference workshops, with basic and advanced mediation training, followed by a two-day conference with presentations covering issues for mediation theory and practice.

Conference papers

Dale Bagshaw: Innocents abroad? An examination of the relevance and effects of western mediation education and training on dispute resolution practices in the Asia-Pacific (Keynote paper) (PDF 97 kb)

Tracey Raymond: Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law Context: Reflections on Theory, Practice and Skills (PDF 263 kb)

Hugh C Stansfield: Beyond Adjudication to JDR and Problem Solving… One Court’s Story (PDF 193 kb)

Ratu Filimone Ralogaivau: Blending Traditional Approaches To Dispute Resolution In Fiji With Rule Of Law … The Best Of Both Worlds (PDF 241 kb)

Kim Jin Ho, Moon Young Hee and Kang Byung Cheol: The Farewell to Mediation for the National Security in South Korea – The Guns of May in Pyongtaek City (PDF 414 kb)

Jarem Sawatsky: Illustrative Review of Case-Studies of Practises of Healing Justice Around the World (PDF 387 kb)

Trevor Sones: The Implications, Challenges and Impacts of Apology: A Canadian Cultural Interpretation (PDF 228 kb)

Dennis List: The Leaf of Goals: The Use of Metaphor in Conflict Management (PDF 229 kb)

John L Momis: Mediating Peace and Autonomy Through Consultation and Consensus: The Bougainville Experience (PDF 221 kb)

Gladys Claridad: Mediation Among Filipinos: Indigenising the Methods of Mediation into the Philippine Context (PDF 296 kb)

Dato Tan Yeak Hui and Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed: Mediation/Conciliation in the Courts in Malaysia: With Particular Reference to Settlement of Labour Disputes (PDF 272 kb)

Nadja Alexander: Mobile Mediation: How Technology is Driving the Globalisation of ADR (PDF 283 kb)

Greg Rooney: The Project Alliancing and Relationship Contracting Experience (PDF 236 kb)

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls: Women Mediators in Pacific Conflict Zones (PDF 250 kb)
Videos of some papers are available on the conference website.